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  • Find the integrative answers you've been looking for

  • Address the root causes of chronic fatigue, pain, skin conditions, joint conditions, hormonal imbalances, digestive disorders, & mood issues

  • Develop tools for long-lasting recovery

  • Finally make some meaningful progress

  • Work with someone who understands your unique challenges

Life can get tricky when our body is out of whack. Many of us know all too well that everything depends on our health. Our finances, relationships, careers, sense of freedom and purpose, and our ability to live up to our own potential are all impacted. Our ability to do good in the world, take care of those we love, and sometimes, even take care of ourselves, can feel increasingly out of reach when our bodies can’t keep up. What no one talks about is how traumatic and frightening this loss can be. Especially when our medical team and those around us are unsupportive or don’t understand.

Chronic fatigue, pain, inflammation, brain fog, and other autoimmune symptoms can make day-to-day living extremely hard. Especially in a world that seems hell-bent on going faster and faster, requiring ever more from us. Far too often, we find ourselves fighting with our bodies. Trying to force them to function despite their deficits. Willing them into submission or energy states that they just don’t have. 

At Indomitable Spirit, we take a holistic approach to self-healing. We take a deep dive into understanding ourselves. In terms of diet and lifestyle as well as our emotional life and well-being. After all, we are so much more than the symptoms that plague us.

This is not a cookie-cutter approach. We don't tell you what to eat and which supplements to take, only to then send you on your way. This is a journey of personal process and discovery.
To find the pr
actical and emotional tools we need to change our lives, we need to return to courage, curiosity, and self-compassion. This is a journey towards understanding ourselves and our bodies. We explore epigenetics within our unique bioindividual tapestries. You are the hero. I am merely the guide. It will take perseverance, gentleness, patience, radical curiosity, and self-love. You will learn plenty about your body and how to turn your health journey around. 

Hopefully, you will learn a lot more than that. 

You don’t have to do this alone anymore.

Let's dive in...

"When I met Cat,

I was amazed at the depth of

wisdom packed into one so young.

She helped me profoundly through

one of the toughest parts of my life.

She is a truly phenomenal human being.

She is present. She is lateral-thinking.
She is tough. She is gentle. She is loving.
She is perceptive. She is multi-dimensional.

She is magical.

Anyone working with Cat is fortunate indeed."

~ Nicky

"Cat is an open-minded, empathetic listener
who brings light into any room.

Her work ethic and dedication to others is unlike
anything I have experienced before.


She is intelligent, calming, inspiring, and incredibly kind."

~ Megan

"My wife and I were apprehensive about the major life change needed for significant weight loss, but we had no reason to be. Cat was amazing from the start!

She listened attentively and was quick to provide what we needed to help us remain on target.

This supreme level of attentiveness, care and communication is increasingly rare in an often-distracted world.
I was notably pleased by her tenacity on behalf of others.

She is a bright-shining beacon of positivity, truth, and goodwill in our community.

I give her my highest praise and recommendation!"

~ Eric

"Cat has extraordinary

abilities and intuition, as well as solidly-researched skills and expertise to help you find the roots of illness and wellness.

She skillfully but gently works with you to identify practical steps towards your increasingly vibrant health, self-esteem, nutritional wellness and freedom from chronic inflammation.

I believe she has medical intuitive abilities.

I have benefited so many times from her abilities, and cannot recommend her highly enough.

This woman is amazing!"

~ Phoebe

I am happy to work with you even if...

  • You don't have a clear diagnosis

  • You have multiple autoimmune conditions

  • You're working with other health specialists

  • You have complex food allergies or sensitivities

  • You have important spiritual or religious beliefs around food

  • You've tried everything and been to countless other specialists without success.


We would love to hear from you!

Thanks for reaching out!

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