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Let's not beat around the bush. Living with a painful and exhausting condition can make life a living hell. 
All too often, we feel forced to battle with our bodies, just to achieve the most simple goals and daily tasks.
We are alive at a pivotal time in human history. I believe we each have a unique part to play.
But living your purpose, putting food on the table, and maintaining enriching relationships
can be hard when your body is in turmoil. 
I hope that by doing this work, you can overcome your limitations,
follow your passions and do good work in the world. 

This is no ordinary experience.
It is a process of deep learning, self-discovery, unlearning, and paradigm-shifting.
I see autoimmunity as a teacher.
One which shows us the way out of the broadly held paradigms
which celebrate busyness, stress, and overwhelm.

Change takes effort, consistency, and commitment.

My job is to help you get to the bottom of your unique case.  
If you are anything like me, you will have been through the gamut of doctors and health practitioners
who have lost the art of listening.
Many of them have forgotten that presence, humility, and curiosity.
All too often, we are made to feel that our symptoms are psychosomatic.
I am here to tell you that your symptoms are not in your head, nor are they incurable. 

What Is "Functional Nutrition?"

Functional nutrition focuses on understanding the root causes of illness.
It holds that the path to illness is unique for each individual.
Even those who may suffer from the same condition may have different root causes
from those who suffer from the same symptoms.
It is an extrememly empowering paradigm which puts you in the driver's seat
and gives you an indepth understanding of your own body.
It is an answer to the autoimmune epidemic we see all across the world.


I've walked this road.

I have been bed and housebound,

and at times completely crippled by fatigue and pain.

I know the challenges of post-exertional malaise, brain fog,
fibromyalgia, headaches, reduced immunity, and limited ability to communicate the sheer extent of my experience.


I grew up in Namibia and South Africa.

Despite being healthy and active most of my life,
I fell ill with m
yalgic encephalomyelitis/

chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, when I was 19.
For long periods, I was bed, house, and wheelchair-bound spanning a period of about 10 years.

Determined to get better, 
I turned towards functional medicine, nutrition, and deep self-work.
I was so successful that in time, I was able to return to a physically demanding full-time job. Eventually, I was able to run 5-10 miles, most days. Or cycle 18 miles into work. This gave me a deep sense of accomplishment. For four and a half wonderful years,  I felt I had overcome 'the beast.' 

But in March of 2020, I caught covid. I did not recover. 

As I turned back to functional nutrition, I felt myself come back to center. Over time, the bulk of my symptoms receded. My energy slowly started to return, and I was less and less drained by physical and mental activity. 

I have a master-coach certification as a health and life coach, strategic intervention coach, and functional nutrition counselor. I am now studying public health, with a global health emphasis. I love camping and being outdoors. I am an avid wilderness explorer. 

Functional nutrition gives me the tools to help you, no matter your symptoms or diagnosis. 

I specialize in autoimmune conditions, lifestyle diseases,
plant-based nutrition,

food sensitivities, and integrative gut health.

I live in the US with my dogs,
Malaika and Akiko. 


About Me